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Leadership and management skills

Any business wishing to succeed in a competitive environment needs to manage its employees well. In our seminar for managers you will receive crucial information to this effect. This is an opportunity for qualified technicians, foremen and team leaders to improve their perception of management duties and, using appropriate instruments, to cope with them effectively and also overcome conflicts and difficult situations.

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Social skills

Good social skills are essential if you are to engage the help of others in transforming your own wishes and requirements into effective measures. In our seminars we help you to increase all facets of these social skills: We teach you how to improve communication, rhetoric and self-confidence, and to successfully manage conflicts - as well as how to make your intended impact.

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Business skills

Business skills include efficient project management, know-how and negotiating powers in the context of purchasing and sales, clear priority setting, successful presentations to customers and interested parties, and optimised work processes. Our diverse range of options provides you with numerous solutions for your current and future duties.  

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Problem-solving skills

From performance reviews to conflict in the company: problems only become seriously problematic if no solution can be found. We provide you with the instruments to resolve problems efficiently: using rhetoric, emotional intelligence and the knowledge of how best to achieve your objective.

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In today's globalised world it is no longer enough simply to refresh English language skills learnt at school. We help you to go further with your English: with technical English or business English training  to improve your confidence working with foreign corporate clients, suppliers and business partners. We also provide seminars on other languages such as French and Spanish.

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IT skills

Computers should help solve problems and facilitate work processes, not create new hurdles. This is why we teach you everything you need to know concerning optimal use of Office programmes. GMH Gruppe companies also learn how to make the most of the GMH Portal. The aim is always to develop skills to make using a computer a genuine means of support.

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The importance of employees' health should never be underestimated, even from an economic perspective. Back problems are the main cause of employees being unable to work. Prevention of back problems is therefore the main focus of our seminar options, supplemented by a health programme for shift work and dealing with stress. 

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Driving licenses

Today, customers and suppliers expect efficient logistics. And drivers with top training are a core part of this. With us you acquire essential knowledge and skills required for safe and correct handling of lifting vehicles, materials handling vehicles, as well as safe handling when attaching and securing loads.

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Certified energy management in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001 is a requirement for an application to reduce the EEG (German Renewable Energy Sources Act) surcharge and other tax advantages. It also makes a significant contribution to your image as a sustainable company in the eyes of the general public and competitors. Certified energy management, however, can only be introduced when all employees are informed on how it works and know the ways they can influence the improvement of energy efficiency in the company. We support you in this regard with our in-house developed online training specifically for this purpose in the form of e-training.

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