Our most important raw material: expertise

GMH Akademie GmbH

GMH Akademie offers external customers as well as GMH Gruppe companies the knowledge and skills employees need today and in the future: from technical know-how to cross-disciplinary skills. Experienced practitioners and powerful machinery ensure that skills and knowledge are taught in a state-of-the-art context.

Technologies are continually developing and, more than ever, this is the case in these times of digital and technological change. Extensive skill sets - in purchasing and sales or in staff and corporate management, for example - are becoming increasingly crucial. At GMH Akademie we meet these growing and changing requirements of employees and managers: with a diverse and comprehensive range of professional development opportunities which provide employees and managers with the skills they need for the tasks of tomorrow, taught with a practical orientation, efficiently and individually tailored.

Education as a success factor

The opportunities we offer are diverse. They include technical seminars, training sessions and workshops with content which is important for the success of industrial businesses. Our cross-disciplinary seminars are an additional focus of work. These seminars improve the skills required in various fields of activity and at companies across all sectors. One-to-one coaching, team development and individual training sessions tailored to the needs of the customer are also part of our training services. Our range of training opportunities not only grows with changing demands on employees but also with the times. This is why we continually offer new forms of training such as in-house developed e-learning. Always with the aim of preparing employees of GMH Gruppe as well as external companies in the best way possible for the future.